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The most important component to prevention of weight gain and weight loss is the nutrition.

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I do not want to gain any weight in any way, shape, or form. Neurontin and Weight Gain.Drinking calories is among the the fastest way to gain weight.Among other things, one of the side effects listed was WEIGHT GAIN.

Hello Kale45. 3% of adults taking taking Gabapentin gain weight.The obvious medication causes of weight gain are Neurontin,.Weight gain and weight loss are both reported as side effects with gabapentin. Neurontin can cause weight gain, so diet and exercise may need to be stricter.

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But as this eMedTV page explains,. the medicine is more likely to cause weight loss.Successful treatment of depression is also linked with weight gain or hindered weight loss. Gabapentin.

Neurontin causes weight gain, hair loss,. has anyone been on gabapentin with weight gain. how do you stop this weight gain. i try to watch my diet and keep active.

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